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December 2, 2010

(shot with model Sarah Hunt, mua Grace Lin for in Los Angeles)

We created a makeshift studio in the office of with a white muslin sheet, two Alien Bee lights, and a Canon 580 EXII.  I wanted to create a fun on the go look and Sarah had quite a workout leaping around the studio.

This was my first time using the Alien Bee lights and they worked okay.  I didn’t like the mounting system as it was a little inconvenient with it’s spring loaded 4 prong lock.  You would need two people to just mount a large softbox.  You couldn’t just insert and lock later because one person has to keep the prongs pressed to allow the softbox  speedring to go in.  You could set the softbox face down first and insert the strobe in and that would be a one person job but that would mean you have to always take the strobe off the stand and the surface in which you want to set the softbox down has to be clean.  I was mostly at full power on the strobe so I can’t remark on the color shift of the light but the StyleNext team did show me product shots they had done with the strobe and it does seem a little weird when going below 1/4 power.

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