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Shoot Walk Thru Part Eins

August 23, 2010

(Shot by the upper west side with Sahra)

Sahra is of German decent and has her own fashion blog that you can find at  I haven’t shot with her for some time and it was good to meet up and collaborate on a shoot together.  The planning stage consist of me deciding on the location which I found while browsing  I showed her the location via emailing links of and she had some outfits she wanted to try out.  After that, it was just a matter of coordinating a free day to shoot.  I decided to use my Profoto pack with the Vagabond II portable battery which meant I had to lug over 70 lbs of gear to location via walking and subway.  Not fun but it makes for good exercise.

I found the spot that I saw on which was a old neglected drawbridge that resting in the waters of the Hudson River.  I had Sahra stand to the right of the dilapidated structure and I set up the Profoto strobe on camera right as the shadows was falling in the direction.  I let her try out various poses while I snapped away.  I like the above shot because of Sahra’s pose and the line of amused ducks watching us.

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