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Shoot Walk Thru Part One

August 9, 2010

(shot by the Meat Packing District with Katie)

We have been getting some really hot weather here in NYC and the day of the shoot was quite hot and humid.  I was quite glad to find that Katie and her mom, Mary, were quite tolerant of the weather.  They said it was worse in Kansas City, which is where they are from.  We did a lot of variety for this senior portrait shoot.  If you are from near the NYC area, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about right now.  You might be thinking I must be referring to taking portraits of senior citizens because no high school senior around here gets cool portraits of themselves.  It is quite rare here in NYC, but very popular outside of the NY metro area.  I mean way outside!  But outside of NYC, Katie and Mary were telling me that big parties are revolved around these portraits.  How cool is that?!  I guess I better make these photos look nice if she is going to be exhibiting to a crowd =D

Katie did a great job with the posing.  So much so that I barely gave any posing instructions and I had a hard time choosing my favorites.  The above photo is one of my favorites and I decided to choose this one for today’s post because not just does she look good, but so does her shadow.  This was shot midday so I had to knock down the ambient by a few stops and use a flash on camera left held by Mary.  The flash was zoomed in at 85mm and triggered by Cybersyncs.

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