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Shoot Walk Thru

August 2, 2010

(Location scouting shoot with Elyse.)

A walk thru of one of my shoots with Elyse.  We met at Dumbo, Brooklyn.  It wasn’t a very planned out shoot.  It was more of a location scouting shoot since I never shot in Dumbo before and on Google map, it seemed like there was a lot of interesting areas there to shoot.  A few blocks from the subway stop that we met up at, there was a painting on the metal curtain wall protecting the front of a restaurant.   The restaurant had a little bit of the metal curtain raised and I wanted to shoot it before they totally raised the metal curtain.

I quickly put a flash on a nano light stand with a diy cardboard snoot on it on camera right.  My reason for the snoot was I wanted to draw attention to her facial expression more by added just a little more light there. The last thing was just being a little silly and doing the walk like an Egyptian pose. Click of the shutter and we move on to the next scene.

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