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Shoot walk thru part two

July 27, 2010

(Shot with model Kate by Rockaway beach area)

If you were reading yesterday, I mentioned how I had gone through the planning stage for wardrobe and location selection.  I usually have very general themes in mind so I can allow the model to interpret what wardrobe could work for her.  In this shot, the model (Kate) decided to just wear a tube top and get rid of the top part of her dress to have an implied nude look.  The use of the hat was great and my only instruction for posing was she sit with her legs almost touching the water.  I used a Profoto strobe aimed through a screen ( the translucent piece of the 5 in 1 reflector) on camera right.  I wanted to have the light coming from camera right but that would put my assistant (Kate’s mom) and my equipment into the water.  Although I didn’t have the light where I wanted, I thought it still lightened the shadows on her face well enough that I liked the look of it.  The reason I switched from using the silver side of the reflector to using a strobe and screen is to be able to knock the ambient light down a stop or two to enhance contrast of the model and background.

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