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Walk thru of my photoshoot

July 26, 2010

(shot at Rockaway beach area in Brooklyn, NY with model Kate.)

Here is my first shot walk thru.  The above photo is of model, Kate, who I have collaborated with many times and I just love how well she poses.  Before I even hit the shutter button on the camera, a few things had to happen.  Weeks before the shoot, I had the concept of a flowing dress at the beach.  Since Kate is into vintage wear, I expected it would be something vintage.  I had sent her example dress photos I thought would work and I left the selection of what she had available to her.  She came upon the above dress at a thrift store along with the hat and I think it works so well together.

I have been wanting to explore the beaches by the Rockaways in Brooklyn.  I had only scouted the area using Google map so I knew we would have to drive around a little bit to find the right spot.  We drove around a bit and the area we drove around was mostly private beach areas and the one spot we found that was really cool looking but was by a water taxi parking lot.  We took a chance and used the spot.  I really like the old pier columns in the water and the bridge in the background.  The scene offerred a lot of different perpectives to choose from.  The above shot utilized the cut off pier columns as a posing area and as a background.  The dress fluttered in the wind as I had hoped for and when it fluttered around I just kept snapping away hoping one shot of the fluttered dress looked great.  They all look good but sometimes the dress will look better when blowing in the wind one way over another.  I really didn’t offer any posing instructions as Kate is very good at posing for a scene.

I used the silver side of a big 5 in 1 reflector on camera left to fill in the shadows cast on that side of her.  The thing is quite blinding to the model so I had to work quickly to get the shots in order to keep things short.  Her mother was there as my assistant to hold that big reflector so keep in mind that you will need someone to assist you if you go the route of using a reflector.  A fill flash could have been used in its place if an assistant is not available.

Post processing was just a bit of cooler tinting and desaturation for a more antique look.

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