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Hot hot!

July 20, 2010

{ shot by photographer NICK KOUDIS}

What is there not to like right?  I don’t know exactly how the photographer did this shot but this is how I would have tried to do it.  I would use a snoot and gel the light red and put that spot light on the couch.  I would use a full cut of CTO gel with a grid on a strobe and aim it at the right upper side of the couch to give it a nice fire glow.  Another snoot or maybe a grid and a 1/2 cut or maybe 1/4 cut of CTO gel on the models face and back side of her shoulder.  While a 1/2 cut or 1/4 cut just because I think the warm tone of the flame would get a little weaker by the time it gets to her face.  I think you might be able to color her in in photoshop but why cheat like that if you have the light on location 🙂  A big sofbox on camera right  with strobe as overall lighting.  There is also some lighting in the background which I’m unsure of right now whether gel was needed or not.  Photoshop the flame in in post. Well, that is my take on it anyways.

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