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Kate’s Pics

July 9, 2010

(Kate’s Pic)

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Kate, one of my favorite models, the owner of Bow Tie Boutique, a fashionista, and an all around creative person.  She has been a favorite subject of mine in front of the lens and it was recently that I learned that she is also very talented behind the lens.  Armed with her iPhone, she has been snapping away with a keen eye on good subject matter and a natural sense of composition.

I really liked her picture above of the hands strewn on the floor.  The square cropping really works as the pile of hands seems to form a nice boxy shape that is framed well with the square cropping.

Here is Kate’s comment on her photo:

“This was the last thing I saw after working an overnight shift at Esprit, where I lasted a total of 2 weeks. The mannequins were pulled apart and laying around in piles of body parts. As I have developed a fascination with hands after drawing them over and over again for a semester, I felt that it was only necessary for me to have this picture. I was hoping to use this as inspiration for my next drawing… if only i had the time.”

See how Kate poses so well in her self portrait below 🙂

(Kate’s self portrait)

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