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Collapsible Reflectors

June 14, 2010

(I shot this with model Kate on a cold Feb day with the gold side of the reflector)

A collapsible reflector is one of those shiny thin plastic things that look like they belong on your car windshield to block the sun. They fold up into a circle for very convenient storage and given it’s compactness and weight, I almost never leave for a shoot without it. I have an Ebay bought 5 in 1 collapsible. The main piece of the reflector is a piece of white translucent that can be used as a scrim. A cover goes over it which contains a silver side, a black side for flagging. If you reverse the cover, you get a gold side and a white side.

I shot the above picture with the gold side of the reflector because the sun wasn’t exactly setting yet so the sunlight wasn’t as warm a tone as I liked it so I used the gold side to add more warm light to her. The reflector doesn’t need much setup time like off camera lighting does which was important here as we need to work quickly to get the shots and get out of the cold weather.

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