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I’m Gelling

June 1, 2010

(I shot this with a Canon XTI and a off camera flash with CTO gel.)

If you want the color tone of the whole picture to be consistent, you can gel your lights to match your surroundings.  You can see below how gels look like.  They are like plastic sheets with various colors to them.  They are of higher temperature resistance since your flash is putting out enough heat to melt through ordinary pieces of plastic.  You can tape them on or if you want to make them easier to put on and take off, then attach velcro to both the gel and flash head.  The surrounds are using the regular tungsten bulbs that you use at home.  Tungsten bulbs give off an orange tint so to match, I used a CTO (color temperature orange) gel.  If you didn’t gel, you would find your subjects would be very white but your background that your flash doesn’t light would be very orange.  A strange combination indeed.
(Below is a gel pack sold by Rosco aimed at users of camera flashes.)

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