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Shape the Light

May 17, 2010

(I shot this with an off camera flash with a grid attached to create that spotlight effect.)

I think many of my post going forward will be about lighting.  To light well, you have to learn how to control where all that light goes.  I will try to go over the tools that can be used to control that light or to take the phrase from one of the top studio lighting equipment companies in the world, to shape the light.  I’m a big fan of Profoto by the way.  How could you not when they describe themselves as “The Light Shaping Company.”  Everything they make is designed to “shape” the light as easy and as versatile as possible.  Essentially, all light comes out of a source (sun, light bulb, flash etc) and radiate out in all directions.  The light will fall off in intensity as it travels further away from its source.  You see in the above picture, the light is falling off at the edges.  Depending on which tool you use to shape the light, you can vary the gradualness of the fall off.

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