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Broad vs Localized Adjustments

May 12, 2010

(I shot this with an off camera flash positioned right below my camera to highlight the bag.)

What I called broad adjustments is when you play around with the saturation slider or contrast slider, they adjust the whole picture so it is pretty broad.  There are a lot of cases where this could be unwanted.  In this case, I wanted there to be lots of contrast in the wood but not on the model’s face.  If I had just pushed the contrast slider, it would have made everything contrasty including my model.  If you use Lightroom 2, they now have an adjustment brush for you to make selective adjustments.  You just paint over the area that you want the adjustment to be.  In Photoshop, you would have to make a new adjustment layer, add a mask to mask out where you don’t want the adjustment to be.

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