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Post Processing

May 10, 2010

(I shot this using a tripod and combined 4 frames of Elyse in Photoshop to make it look like they are clones at a social gathering gossiping, poring wine, and just having fun.  The pouring wine part was tricky as I had to make sure to align the glass and wine pour in the same place.  I used a reference point, the metal railing outside the window, to know where to place the  wine and glass.)

Post processing is really anything done after you have clicked the shutter on your camera.  Even your camera has settings to process it to either natural color, vivid, sepia, etc.  Post processing range from hardly any such as photojournalist that pretty much use images straight of of camera( SOOC) to images that don’t even look like pictures any more since they have been processed with so many effects.  Now for beauty images and fashion images, the editing is quite intense and laborious because it takes a bit of time to make a person look “perfect.”  You’ll see what I mean when you watch this video of a guy who records a fast forwarded session (real length might be around an hour) of editing just ONE pic!  Do I ever do that??… YES!  And  yes, even Megan Fox needs to be edited.. Believe it.  Song is Destination by Darius and Finlay.

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