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Strike A Pose

May 7, 2010

(I shot this by the Brooklyn Museum for a gown designer with Soraya.  Natural light and a reflector for a little fill.)

As a photographer who shoots portraits, you have to be familiar with posing people.  Experience models won’t need much help but they do still want some guidance as to what they should try.  Some poses work for some people and some don’t and there are lots of books written on the subject.  You can get a lot of ideas from magazines and just trial and error.  The lcd on the back of you camera is an invaluable tool to show the model how his/her pose looks in camera.  This way, they get a sense of what they can do differently if a pose isn’t working out.  Always be encouraging to the person posing and definitely give lots of praise when a pose is just stunning so that they know to keep that pose going and vary it around that idea.

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