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Be Your Own Model

May 3, 2010

(Shooting myself with a Canon XTI and an Ebay bought softbox with a nikon speedlight strapped in for light power.)

Now that we have covered what equipment to use when and for what and where to shoot; I guess it is time to talk about models.  When I first started out, I didn’t go out and recruit models because I had no work to show them that I was any good.  So, who can I practice on?  My son, my wife (although she is quite reluctant to), my friends and of course, myself.  Now, all of the above except myself can be quite impatient once you want to try that lighting idea for the 100th time.  So, try shooting everyone you can get your hands on and once you have some work to show that you can use a camera correctly, you can try to recruit a model if that is what you want to do.  Joining a photography group in your area that likes shooting portraits is also a great way to go and I did that early on by joining a strobist group (photographers that are into shooting with lighting equipment).

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