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Aperture and Depth of Field

April 3, 2010

{taken with a 24-105mm lens at f/6.3}

The f-stop or aperture determines the size of the opening in the lens for light in.  The larger the opening, the more light that comes in.  A very important characteristic of aperture is that the larger the opening, the less depth of field there is.  The depth of field being the amount of area that is acceptably sharp.  It’s a very important control for photographers to be able to isolate a subject using selective sharpness.  Here we can tell this picture is more about the snail that the little girl is holding rather than about the little girl.  There are a few ways to isolate a subject in the picture and we will be going over that in future post but for now, try using aperture to isolate the subject of your pictures.

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