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Just got this blog up! Pretty Pictures 101

March 14, 2010

Models: Kate and Michael

My first blog post and I thought I start with “making” pictures rather then “taking” pictures.  I think we all start off just snapping away at people and places as it happens and I still do that often but what I like about photography is once you learn the technical aspect of how to make a correct exposed picture, you are ready to create a piece of art that is only been residing in your imaginations.

I didn’t really have anything complicated in mind.  I’m still a newbie (or noob) to photography so I am starting very simple.  It’s really a cliche scene of a scary guy in a forest looking to murder the cute little girl who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.  It was a really cold day in December (Dec 26th I think) so I didn’t have time to really setup a lot of lights and play around with lots of different scenarios.  I basically threw two speedlites on a two light stands.  They were placed on my right and left and aimed approximately 45 degrees aimed at each model.  Then, it is a simple instruction to the models to perform the scene.  Now, as they say, pictures are worth more than words so thank god for that nice lcd on digital cameras these days.  I not only use the lcd to check if I got the lighting right, but it is a great way to communicate how the models expressions, poses, or acting is working.

So, rather than just shoot a simple portrait of your friend; use a little imagination and shoot a picture that people can imagine a story happening in.  Keep it simple and have fun.

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