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Green Aloe

July 9, 2012



A bit of flowery haze

July 5, 2012



Alaskan Wilderness

July 2, 2012

I shot this while on an Alaskan cruise.  It is bit of a dark picture but I found it quite amazing looking.  I was told that Alaska only has a handful of sunny days in a year and I guess it was pretty accurate as we got no sun throughout the cruise.  Available on sale on my Etsy site:


June 28, 2012

This was shot in the greenhouse of the Arcadia Arboretum.  My first interest in orchids was when there was an orchids show in the twin towers of NYC.  I used to work by tower 3 of the World Trade Center.  I do miss the grandness and architecture of the place.


June 27, 2012

Another one of my prints available on Etsy:

Peacock Feathers Make Great Patterns

June 26, 2012


I shot this while walking around the Arcadia Arboretum.  There are plenty of peacocks and one of them fanned out it’s tail at me when I walked close to it.  The pattern of it’s tail is very nice and it was just a matter of taking a photo of the tail without too much distractions behind the peacock. This is actually on sale at my Etsy shop :

Beach in San Diego

June 25, 2012


This shot was taken in San Diego.  I decided to use black and white with high contrast since this was taken on an overcast day so the colors of the beach where pretty muted anyway.